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Payment for utility networks on your property

  • Compensation to land owners for accommodating utility networks on their property.
  • The compensation is only paid on request
  • The amount of compensation will change from 2019

The electricity network owned and managed by Elektrilevi passes through approximately 390,000 land units. Real estate owners have the right to request payment for accommodating utility networks on their property.

A real estate owner may be required to accommodate utility networks and structures on the basis of the law, a signed contract or compulsory possession.

Compensation can also be requested for accommodating the restricted zone for power networks.

The location of Elektrilevi structures (lines and substations) can be found on the Estonian Land Board Geoportal website under the Restrictions Application in the menu on the left side.

How to apply for compensation?

The owner or an authorised representative of the owner of the real estate needs to fill in a single application for each registered immovable:

  • If the immovable is joint property, the application should be filled in by a person listed in the land register.
  • If the immovable is co-owned, the co-owners may file a joint application or authorise a representative from among them to file the application. If co-owners do not file an application jointly, each co-owner must file an application for the respective legal share of the property.
  • If the immovable is an apartment building, the apartment association can file the application. In such cases, the compensation will be paid to the apartment association, who must pay it out to the apartment owners or offset it against claims for management expenses.

The application should be sent to or by post to Elektrilevi OÜ Kadaka tee 63, 12915 Tallinn.

We do not send a reply to applications that have been correctly completed. We will only contact the owner if we have any additional questions.

When to apply?

The application should be submitted by 1 July of the current year at the latest.

The person who owns the real estate on 1 March is entitled to compensation for that calendar year.

Once you have sent your application, you do not need to re-send it every year. The payments for the following years will continue based on this application until a new application is sent.

What does the amount of the payment depend on?

Payments for tolerating utility networks are regulated by § 1582 of the Law of Property Act. The amount paid in 2018 depends on the area of the restriction zone for the land under the power line, the taxable value and the intended purpose of the land. The maximum land tax rate is applied and, in the event of profit yielding land, a flat taxation rate is applied throughout the country when calculating payments for tolerating utility networks.

The size of the restriction zone depends on the Elektrilevi facility on the property:

  • The restricted zone for an overhead line is the airspace on each side of the line axis reaching to a distance of:

      1.  2 metres for lines with a voltage of up to 1 kV;
      2.  3 metres for overhead lines with a voltage of between 1 kV and 35 kV;
      3.  10 metres for lines with a voltage of between 1 kV and 35 kV;
      4.  25 metres for lines with a voltage of between 35 kV and 100 kV.
  • The restricted zone for an underground cable line is the land 1 metre from the outermost cables of the underground cable line.
  • The restricted zone around substations and switchyards is the land and air 2 metres from the fence or wall around a substation or switchyard, or from the substation or switchgear if there is no fence or wall.

Act on Amendments to the Law of Property Implementation Act will take effect from 1 January 2019, regulating the amount of payments to be made from 2019.

When is the payment made?

The payment is transferred to the landowner's bank account specified in the application once a year by 1 December at the latest.