Elektrilevi Digital Solutions

  • GIS solution for smart meter alarms
  • Fuse Optimiser
  • Multi-metering analytics tool
  • Fraud and Loss Detection tool

Having built a solid foundation with the successful smart meter roll-out, where we installed over 650 000 smart meters from 2013 to 2016, we are developing the next level of smart grid solutions for utility companies. We have mapped out up to 50 use cases where the first generation smart meters have enabled to make the asset management more efficient and customer centric.

We focus on the real pains utility companies face today, develop the solutions and verify them inside our grid with real benefits for our asset management and end customers. Thanks to risen efficiency, we have managed to decrease our network fee for two additional years up to 10% per year.

Our aim is to make asset management processes more efficient through smart digital solutions.


Improve your Network Works with GIS solution for smart meter alarms
Enables a problem location to be pin-pointed based on the quality of service data received from the smart meters installed at the customer's location. The solution increases efficiency in allocating resources for service improvement and can also be used in acceptance following the performance of improvement works within the network.

Optimize your Network with Fuse Optimiser
This solution is available to customers to help determine the correct contractual main fuse for their consumption needs. The advantage of the Fuse Optimiser is that it is a simple step-by-step guided process affordable for everyone. It only takes a few minutes to run and the resulting report is based on solid, actual measured data.

Monitor also heat/water/gas with Multi-metering analytics tool
This tool is based on our long-term experience in grid maintenance and this knowledge is extended to other utility services (heat/gas/water). In addition to gathering regular consumption data, it also monitors the condition of the grid and highlights any abnormalities that need to be addressed promptly by the utility in order to minimize losses in service quality.

Handle your fraud and loss automatically with Fraud and Loss Detection tool
The tool is designed specifically for the electricity distribution grid, to identify locations where electricity losses are occurring. These losses can either be intentional or fault related. This tool analyses consumption data, together with other parameters and events gathered on a continuous basis from smart meters. Automated analytics highlight locations where fault probability is the highest, meaning less field work is needed to identify faults or fraud locations.

WHY work with us

Elektrilevi Digital Solutions is part of Elektrilevi – the biggest DSO in Estonia – and part of an energy group that employs 5800 people across more than 20 companies.

  • Feeling the pains and gains first-hand
    We are a fully vertically integrated energy group comprised of more than 20 companies, meaning that our knowledge ranges from production to distribution
  • Smart Meter roll out know-how
    Successful roll-out of 650 000 smart meters from 2013-2016
  • Consolidating the needs of different energy sector stakeholders
    We are a fully vertically integrated energy group comprised of more than 20 companies in six countries, meaning that our knowledge ranges from production to distribution.
  • System integration and Big-Data Analytics
    Delivering metering data and other grid data to business processes.
  • Interoperability
    The solutions and technology we use are not specific to Elektrilevi.
  • Test-bed approach
    Estonia is leading the digitalization with flexible regulations and is one of the most advanced digital societies in the world.

The practical experience offered by using all of our solutions means that we are your partner when it comes to taking network management to the next level.