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In the event of an accident where a power line falls on a fence, the entire fence will carry an electric current. This endangers nearby people and animals. Eight metres from the fence is considered a dangerous area.

If a power line falls on the roof of a building, there is a risk of fire and destruction of property. It may also put people on the roof at risk.

We recommend choosing fences made of a non-conductive material (wood, plastic, stone). In the case of buildings, the solution is to move the power line so it is not above the roof.

Electrical safety is important to us. We have started to put more emphasis on raising safety awareness. We want to ensure the safety of people and animals.

As set out in the Building Code, metal fences are prohibited. Standard EVS-EN 50341-2-20:2018 stipulates that construction of buildings under power lines is prohibited.

  • Standard EVS-EN 50341-2-20:2018.
  • Clause 77 (2) 4) of the Building Code prohibits building wired fences, including any other metal fences in the protection zone of high-voltage overhead lines. The aim is to prevent and avoid risks to the life and health of people near metal fences. If, due to a failure, an overhead power line falls on a metal fence, the entire fence will carry an electric current. If a power line falls on the ground, an area with a width of up to eight metres is considered live.
  • Land owners have the obligation to tolerate power lines so that electricity could reach many people. Bringing all overhead lines underground would take decades and triple network fees for all consumers. From the perspective of society, this would not be sensible.

    The past construction requirements of power lines also prohibited power lines to be built above structures.


  • Fences – build the part below power lines and in the protection zone from a non-conductive material, such as wood or non-conductive plastic.
  • Sheds/gazebos/shelters/pavilions – if their roof is made of a fire-resistant material and the distance between the roof and power line is 2.5 metres, it is not dangerous. It is also important to make sure that people do not live there permanently.
  • It is possible to order the reconstruction of an electrical network to remove overhead lines above roofs or fences.

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