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Please check our self-service for current pricing information.

You can change the price package several times a year and it's free.

The most convenient way to check the suitability of the package and to change the package is through the self-service. The new package will start to apply on the following calendar month.

The choice of price package depends on the type of place of consumption (e.g. apartment; private house) and the size of consumption. The choice of package also depends on whether the consumption is higher during the day or at night and on weekends.

The easiest way is to check the suitability of the price package with the price package calculator located in the self-service in the network contract data.

If you are dealing with a completely new place of consumption (new house or apartment) and you are immediately consuming electricity, then we recommend to choose the "Network 2 with monthly fee" package. If you are not going to use straight away electricity at the place of consumption or you do it at a minimum, then we recommend choosing the "Network 2" package.

Network contract price packages can be found HERE.

The daily rate is Monday to Friday from 8.00–24.00 in the summer and 7.00-23.00 in the winter. Nightly rates apply from 24.00–8.00 in the summer and from 23.00–7.00 in the winter, and all Saturdays and Sundays. Public holidays that fall on weekdays are subject to the same rates as normal weekdays.

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