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Technical inspection document

  • You are preparing a design or a detailed plan
  • You are planning electrical work
  • You want joint access to the electricity network

A technical inspection document lists the requirements that the planned or designed electricity system has to comply with.

You need the technical inspection document if you want to design an electricity system for a building or plan a plot of land. The technical inspection document tells the designer or planner about the Elektrilevi requirements that the new electrical system or the plan for a plot of land will have to meet.

Standard technical inspection documents that may be submitted to the designer or planner. They need not be ordered separately.

Joint access to the electricity network

The following standard conditions apply to joint access to the electricity network (pdf, est)»

You are ordering a technical inspection document, which will clarify whether joint access to the electricity network is possible. A monthly fee is charged for joint access to the electrical network in accordance with the price list.

Signs that can be interpreted as advertising must not be installed upon power masts that are under joint access within the electricity network. Only road signs or official signs provided by law may be installed (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Regulation "Meanings of road signs and road markings and requirements for traffic lights" »).

Technical inspection document on request

If you need a technical inspection document for any other reason, please fill in an application for a technical inspection document.

How quickly is a technical inspection document issued?

We will issue a technical inspection document within an average of 14 days, but not later than 30 days after we receive a properly filled-in application. A technical inspection document is generally valid for one year from the date of issue.

  • How much does it cost?

    Some technical inspection documents are issued free of charge and others for a charge.