Electricity – Everywhere

A new off-grid station with solar panels and batteries brings electricity anywhere it is needed.

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The future is now!

The construction of Elektrilevi's internet network is in full swing: fast Internet and TV will soon be available almost everywhere in Estonia.

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Current situation of the network

Check the power supply in your area and see the recommendations in the event of a power failure.

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Elektrilevi is the largest network operator in Estonia, bringing electricity to almost every home and business. In addition to the electricity network, we develop a high-speed internet network, an electric transport charging network and manage street lighting in both Tallinn and Tartu. We want to be a leader in digitalisation of online services both in Estonia and worldwide.

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12 different operators will offer Internet and TV services in the high speed internet network of Elektrilevi


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The Lithuanian network operator will start using Elektrilevi off-grids


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Jaanus Tiisvend: The quality and price of the power network service are a matter of social agreement


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Elektrilevi wants to connect 15,000 homes to the high-speed internet network in 2019


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