Enefit VOLT – the 100% green fast charging network for electric cars covering all of Estonia – is here. Be among the first to come with the flow.

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Electricity – Everywhere

A new off-grid station with solar panels and batteries brings electricity anywhere it is needed.

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The future is now!

The construction of Elektrilevi's internet network is in full swing: fast Internet and TV will soon be available almost everywhere in Estonia.

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We ask for your understanding regarding power outages necessary for maintenance work during the state of emergency

In the state of emergency it is even more important to ensure the functioning of electricity supply as a vital service. Planned power outages, about which we inform all affected customers, are indispensable for maintenance work. We understand that a power outage lasting a couple of hours will cause chagrin in an already challenging life, but we ask you to find ways to manage your lives during the few hours of a power outage you have been notified about in advance. We assure you that our electricians and network managers are doing their best to keep the outage duration to a minimum.

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In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Elektrilevi customer services in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Jõhvi are closed. All other channels will continue to work normally

On working days from 8 am to 6 pm our customers are assisted by our advisory centre tel. 777 1545 or

Business customers can contact us on business days during 9.00-17.00 by calling 777 1747 or sending an e-mail to
You can report electricity interruptions by calling 1343. Procedures are also still possible to do via self-service.

Let's look after each other and stay healthy!

Current situation of the network

Check the power supply in your area and see the recommendations in the event of a power failure.

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Elektrilevi is the largest network operator in Estonia, bringing electricity to almost every home and business. In addition to the electricity network, we develop a high-speed internet network, an electric transport charging network and manage street lighting in both Tallinn and Tartu. We want to be a leader in digitalisation of online services both in Estonia and worldwide.

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More information and suggestions

When will I learn about a planned power outage?

As a rule, we inform all affected customers of planned power outages 5 days in advance, and send a reminder 2 days before the outage.

I work and the children are learning at home, how can we manage without electricity?

If you are using a notebook computer, we recommend to charge the battery early before the time of the outage, and use mobile Internet as an alternative Internet connection. If your work obligations or school work of the children need to be performed or sent at a certain time, please communicate in advance with the employer or school to come to a reasonable agreement.

Can the time of the power outage be moved to the evening?

Sadly not all work on the power network can be drawn together into the scarce bright hours of the evenings. Safety is most important during electrical work, and working during limited lighting conditions would considerably magnify the risk of danger. We perform as few planned power outages as possible, and assure you that our electricians and network managers are doing everything to keep the outage duration to a minimum.

How do you avoid the possible spread of the virus during this work?

Close contact with customers or other uninvolved people is largely not necessary during work on the power network. Our employees and those of our partners have been instructed to avoid close contact and stop working if necessary. The work is only performed by healthy people without any symptoms of illness.

We are intensively following the state of emergency caused by the spread of coronavirus, and are ready to make readjustments if the current circumstances change.

Let's look after each other and stay healthy!

20.04.2020 the principles for processing customer data are changing


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Estonia’s largest quick charging network for electric cars is now called Enefit VOLT


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12 different operators will offer Internet and TV services in the high speed internet network of Elektrilevi


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The Lithuanian network operator will start using Elektrilevi off-grids


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