Modern meters allow remote reading of the readings, which means that the readings are delivered to us automatically and there is no need to provide us an reading every month. Remote-read meters measure the amount of electricity consumed with an hourly accuracy and provide information on the amount of electricity consumed at least once a day. Most meters use the same power lines to send information to the house. A small number of meters transmit information via mobile communication.

The remote meter must be connected to the power supply at all times. To turn off the power, use the switch on the meter, not on the main fuse. The switch should also be used when leaving the cottage for an extended period of time, for example. This way we can be sure that your consumption meter is in working order. The only exception is electrical works, for which the power must be switched off directly from the main fuse to ensure safety.

If you want to turn off the electricity in the house, hold down the switch on the meter for 2 seconds and then wait. After about 8 seconds, there will be a click indicating the power is turned off.

The same applies to turning on the power. If you want to turn on the power, hold down the switch on the meter for 2 seconds and then wait for the click to go on.

The current status is indicated by a flashing square or a cross in the bottom left of the meter screen. If a square or a check mark with a cross flashes, it means that the power is off. If the box is not flashing, the household power is on.

The switch button may be located at different locations depending on the meter type.

Occasionally, the meter reading may not provide us with information about the amount of electricity consumed. Most often, this is due to a data connection failure. Malfunction is the so-called "noise" transmitted through electrical wires and interfering with the transmission of data. Interference may be caused by equipment that has a fault, such as power adapters, frequency converters, or non-CE compliant equipment. However, the malfunction may not have a noticeable effect on the operation of the device itself. Data malfunction affects the transmission of meter information but does not affect the performance or accuracy of the meter. The electricity consumed is still recorded to the meter with an accuracy of one hour and is transmitted when data is restored.

The main reason for non-functioning of remote reading is signal transmission malfunction. Malfunction is usually caused by substandard or faulty electrical equipment (however, the malfunction may not have a noticeable effect on the operation of the appliance itself). The malfunction of the signal does not affect the performance or accuracy of the meter.

If the remote reading meter does not receive measurement data, it is immediately visible in our system. In the absence of measurement data, we analyse thoroughly the situation and, as a rule, recreate remote reading within two to three months. Depending on the complexity of the problem, recovery may take longer. If we need access to the meter or equipment to resolve the malfunction, we will contact you and arrange an appropriate time.

With the addition of the new 4-tariff network packages (, we are implementing a change, as a result of which meters will now only show a single reading (overall reading). Meters will continue to measure consumption on an hourly basis and we will use the corresponding data to calculate the consumed quantities for the daytime rate and nighttime rate or the rates of the 4-tariff network package.

Starting from 1 March 2022, if you need to report readings, please only report the OVERALL reading (even if your meter also shows the daytime and nighttime readings).

When the overall reading is displayed, the identifier 15.8.0 is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Meters will be reconfigured to show only the OVERALL reading automatically within one year.

Reporting the reading:

If no metering data has reached us in 15 days, the option to enter readings will automatically become available to you in our self-service environment. If we start receiving metering data again, you will no longer be able to enter readings manually.

Note: As of 1 March 2022, the only reading that needs to be reported is the overall reading.

If, at the time of invoicing, we have not received the data regarding quantities actually consumed, we will invoice you on the basis of predicted consumption data. The reason for the lack of a meter reading to be read can be the failure to report the reading. For a remote meter, this may be due to a data interruption or a switching off the main fuse. Data communication failure of a remote meter does not affect meter performance or accuracy - consumption data is recorded to the meter with hourly accuracy even when data is not moving. Data interruptions are usually caused by non-compliant or defective electrical equipment used at the point of consumption (however, the malfunction may not have a noticeable effect on the use of the equipment itself).

It usually takes two to three months to restore remote reading. Depending on the complexity of the problem, recovery may take longer. When data transfer resumes, we will convert to actual consumption.

We predict electricity consumption based on your past consumption. Prediction is made in accordance with Elektrilevi network contract standard terms and conditions (network contract standard terms for low voltage up to 63 A, clauses 6.4 and 6.5), which have been approved by the Competition Authority.

The option to report readings manually online will be enabled automatically if no metering data has reached us in 15 consecutive days. If the remote reading capability is restored, the manual reporting option will be disabled.