If we have not received data on the quantities actually consumed, we will forecast consumption data. In the case of a remote meter, this may be due to a data communication fault or a tripping of the main fuse. The data communication fault of the remotely readable meter does not affect the operation or measurement accuracy of the meter - consumption data is stored in the meter with hourly accuracy even when the data is not moving. When data transmission resumes, we will recalculate according to actual consumption.

The forecast quantities change when the actual measurement data for the forecast period is received. In that case, the quantities previously forecast shall be recalculated.

The amounts of produced electricity may be viewed in the column „Active – h" in the downloadable CSV file with hourly data.

The consumption notice is a monthly statement of consumption. The consumption notice simplifies the process of applying for an energy label and conducting an energy audit. You can download the consumption notice from self service for free. If you would like to order a consumption notice for the entire apartment building, please contact our customer service. See the price list »

Consumption data can be viewed from the self-service, consumption history page. You can see whether your consumption data is predicted or actual from a graph or from a downloadable CSV file.

If measurement data is not received, we predict missing measurement data as follows:

  • if there is data from a year ago, we forecast based on it, or
  • we search for actual measurement data within the last 2 months and make a forecast based on it, or
  • we find the difference between the two general readings, which we distribute on the basis of the standard load curve, or
  • if it is not possible to predict based on the previous rules, we predict zero consumption.
  • After the recovery of remote reading, we will adjust the previous predicted consumption volumes.

    Consumption data shall be read at least daily. The received data will be sent to Elering's data warehouse and displayed in Elektrilevi self-service by 11am the next day. Lack of measurement data In Elektrilevi's self-service or the electricity salesman's application this is usually caused by malfunctions related to the receipt of measurement data. Once the malfunction has been resolved and the data has been restored, we will transfer the consumption data to Elektrilevi self-service and Elering's data warehouse/electricity seller application. If the consumption data is missing only from the electricity seller's application, contact the application owner to resolve the issue.

    Interruptions in the electricity network are fixed step by step. This means that a general interruption could, for example, last for 24 hours, but during this time energising tests are done, which create the possibility to consume electricity during the interruption.

    Assuming that there are no more faults on a line, the line is energised. However, if there actually still are faults on that line, the line switches off again. You may not notice when lines are energised for a short time, but appliances connected to the network will automatically start consuming electricity. For example: underfloor heating, refrigerator, boiler, etc. Energising tests can last for a very short time.

    In addition, during interruptions and while fixing them, there can be situations where the voltage at the customer's place is correct in some phases and lower or even absent in others, making it difficult to notice if there is consumption in one phase but no voltage in another.

  • The basic price (electricity transmission / elektri edastamine) is valid 24 hours a day, regardless of the day of the week.
  • The daily price (electricity transmission: day / elektri edastamine: päev) is valid from Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) from 07:00 to 22:00 (unless otherwise specified in the price package).
  • The night price (electricity transmission: night / elektri edastamine: öö) is valid from Monday to Friday, from 22:00 to 07:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays throughout the day (unless otherwise specified in the price package).
  • Packages Võrk 5, Võimsus Aeg VMA5, Keskpingel liinil Aeg VKL5, Keskpingel alajaamas Aeg VKA5:

  • The peak price for daily electricity consumption (electricity transmission: peak day / elektri edastamine: päev tipuaeg) is valid from November to March: valid from Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00;
  • The peak price for weekend and holidays (electricity transmission: peak time of weekend and holiday period / elektri edastamine: puhkepäeva tipuaeg) is valid from November to March on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 16:00 to 20:00.

  • Price packages