Consumption history

The amounts of produced electricity may be viewed in the column „Active – h" in the downloadable CSV file with hourly data.

NB! At the moment there are technical issues in the self-service environment when downloading production data. We apologise for that. We are dealing with troubleshooting. We confirm that energy meters are in good order, and that we receive measurement data from meters. If one fails to download data, the owner of a network contract may view measurement data in e-elering.

The consumption notice is a monthly statement of consumption. The consumption notice simplifies the process of applying for an energy label and conducting an energy audit. You can download the consumption notice from self service for free. If you would like to order a consumption notice for the entire apartment building, please contact our customer service. See the price list »

The consumption statement shows the last month's total consumption from the 5th day. Until the 5th, the amount of the previous month indicated in the consumption statement may be less than the consumption of the last days of the month.

Whether the hourly data is estimated or actual can be viewed in self service, by downloading CSV file that shows the hourly data for the selected time period for up to 12 current months.

Hourly data may be the same if consumption is constant or hourly data is estimated.

Consumption data shall be read at least daily. The received data will be sent to Elering's data warehouse and displayed in Elektrilevi self-service by 10 am the next day. Lack of measurement data In Elektrilevi's self-service or the electricity salesman's application this is usually caused by malfunctions related to the receipt of measurement data. Once the malfunction has been resolved and the data has been restored, we will transfer the consumption data to Elektrilevi self-service and Elering's data warehouse/electricity seller application. If the consumption data is missing only from the electricity seller's application, contact the application owner to resolve the issue.

A standard consumption graph is a standard graph of electricity consumption attributed to a place of consumption, which together with your average electricity consumption is the basis for forecasting electricity consumption. We assign standard consumption graphs to the place of consumption based on the electricity consumption of the previous 12 months and depending on the type of place of consumption.

The standard consumer chart is for residential homes with an annual electricity consumption of less than 4,000 kWh and for apartment buildings with more than 12 apartments and district heating.

The seasonal consumption chart is for residential homes with annual electricity consumption of 4,000 to 10,000 kWh and apartment buildings with less than 12 apartments that do not use central heating.

The standard electric heating consumption chart applies to household customers who have an annual electricity consumption of more than 10,000 kWh or who report that they are using electric heating.

The summer consumption chart is for summer cottages and places of consumption where, according to customer information, most of the electricity is consumed during the summer. This schedule is not available for apartments.

Standard consumer business customer chart is for business customer consumption points with a maximum fuse rating of 63 A or distributed over a network connection, excluding street lighting, apartment building auxiliary, basement and general lighting.

A place of consumption in an apartment building that has no apartment number and is of the utility, basement or general lighting type.

The place of consumption is "Street Lighting".

The daily rate is Monday to Friday from 8.00–24.00 in the summer and 7.00-23.00 in the winter. Nightly rates apply from 24.00–8.00 in the summer and from 23.00–7.00 in the winter, and all Saturdays and Sundays. Public holidays that fall on weekdays are subject to the same rates as normal weekdays.

If you want to start using a time-based network tariff to measure night and day consumption separately, you will need to change your tariff plan. You can do that in our self-service .