Elektrilevi’s high-speed internet network has reached the first customers


The fast internet network pilot project of Elektrilevi in Veskimetsa, Tallinn, has made it to the first customers using the service and proven the effectiveness of the new model in the communications market. The company is waiting for requests to join the network enabling free choice of an operator from all over Estonia.

“We have brought a model similar to the electricity market to the communications market - we offer a neutral network, which can be used by an operator selected by the customer to provide an internet service. The first successful pilot project adds to the certainty that an open network bringing competition to the communications market has great potential,” said Taavo Randna, the member of the board of Elektrilevi. Within the framework of the Veskimetsa pilot project, the high-speed internet network will reach its first 130 customers in August. Since the construction of the network was planned in two stages, the acceptance of additional subscription requests will be open in the area from the next week.

In Veskimetsa, Elektrilevi uses the so-called multi-pipe system, which enables the operator selected by the customer to transmit the signal to each customer by means of optical lines. What makes this communications solution unique, is the fact that exclusively in Estonia, it is installed to aerial power lines. Additionally, Elektrilevi is planning to carry out pilot projects for the construction of the communications network in different technical and population density conditions.

In August, it’s the last chance to submit a request for joining the open internet network across Estonia. Elektrilevi is planning to start with the wider development of the open communications network in 2019, requests for this are collected via Elektrilevi’s web page until 31st August. “Now it really is the last chance for everyone interested in high-quality internet connection and free choice of an operator to give a signal. The number of requests in an area is an important basis for our investment decisions,” said Randna. Until now, Elektrilevi has received more than 32,000 requests from all over Estonia for joining the fast internet network.

Elektrilevi is establishing the communications network to the power lines. “Thanks to the joint works of several infrastructures, we are able to save money and complete the network as fast as possible,” Randna added. Broadband connection based on optical lines is high-quality and less dependent on the weather, and enables a substantially faster data transmission than copper cables or mobile networks. Elektrilevi does not provide any internet services, customers can choose a suitable communications operator on their own.

“The first pilot has shown that our cooperation with the operators and customers has gone well, the customers are connected to the network and everything works,” said Randna. At the moment, it is possible to choose between four operators in Veskimetsa - Elisa, STV, Telia and Telset. Joining the network costs a single 240 euros for the customer, and for the monthly internet service, the customer pays to their selected operator.

Tuuli Sokmann
Head of Communications and Marketing
Tel: 5122 562