Network charges to increase from 1 December due to continued high electricity prices


Network charges are increasing due to continued high prices of electricity. The change in network charges is necessary in order to cover the expenses related to network losses. In order to reduce the impact of higher electricity prices, the Competition Authority approved a 2% increase in the price of network services from 1 December.

„The power grid requires electricity for its daily operation and the costs related to it have increased for Elektrilevi by nearly 2.5% this year,” said Mihkel Härm, Chairman of the Management Board at Elektrilevi. „Due to drastic increases in the price of electricity, the cost of electricity for Elektrilevi has already increased by more than 14 million euros in 2022. The increase in network charges is necessary to guarantee the necessary resources to cover network losses and at the same time ensure the continuous maintenance and development of the grid,” he said, explaining the need for the increase.

„In the current situation, our investments in the network exceed the profit from network charges, which is not sustainable. We have connected a record number of micro-producers to the grid, but the number of people interested in joining still exceeds the capacity of the grid,” he added.

In 2022, Elektrilevi will invest around 100 million euros to ensure the stability of electricity supply. See the investments of Elektrilevi HERE.

The price list, which will take effect on 1 December, has been published on Elektrilevi’s website. The network charge will apply to all customers equally.

Elektrilevi is the largest network operator in Estonia, managing approximately 63,000 kilometres of power lines and 25,300 substations. The company has more than 533,000 customers.