Elektrilevi invested 73 million euros last year

In 2011 Elektrilevi (formerly Eesti Energia Jaotusvõrk) invested 73 million euros, almost 20% more than in 2010, in improving the quality of the power network. This year the company plans to increase its work on modernising the network even more.

Modernising the network mainly means building weatherproof underground cables and overhead lines and new substations. We are also installing modern automatic equipment that enables us to manage the network remotely and reduce the number of outages effectively. In 2011 Elektrilevi built 716 substations and 1,267 kilometres of new lines, 984 kilometres of which were underground cables.

"Customers have high expectations for network quality, so we feel a great responsibility and invest every cent that we get from the network fees in places where it can have the most effect in reducing the number of breakdowns", said Elektrilevi Director Tarmo Mere. Investment decisions take a long-term perspective, which means that medium-voltage cables are put underground, though overhead cable lines are used in places where low-voltages lines do not pass through forests. Overhead cable lines are cheaper and more weather-proof than conventional unprotected lines.

"At present, the weatherproof network of underground and overhead cables accounts for 40% of the total network, but by 2025 we would like it to be 75%. This will significantly reduce the number of outages caused by breakdowns", explained Mere.

In 2011 we modernised the network in all counties, but the largest investments were made in Harju, Lääne-Viru, Pärnu, Tartu, Viljandi and Võru counties. The number of breakdowns across Estonia and the number of customers connected to the line are considered when decisions are made about where to invest.

In 2012 Elektrilevi plans to invest almost 97 million euros. Large-scale work means several substations can be modernised, so in Tallinn we will work on the cable tunnel of the Ranna substation and the substations in Kopli and Pääsküla, and in Harju county we will prioritise the substations of Hindreku, Tiskre, Tabasalu, Keila-Joa, Aruküla and Loksa. We are also modernising the substations in Elva, Pajusi, Sikassaare and Ahtme, and we will build a diesel power plant in Ruhnu and replace the Otepää-Taari-Tsirguliina 35 kV overhead cable line. Power grid construction work is being done in all counties across Estonia.

Elektrilevi OÜ provides network services and supplies electricity to almost all households and businesses in Estonia. The company maintains and repairs a total of 61,000 kilometres of transmission lines and more than 22,000 substations. Elektrilevi invests all of its operating profit in improving network quality. In 2011, 73 million euros was invested, which is more than double the company's operating profit.

Tuuli Sokmann
Elektrilevi's Communications Manager
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