Highly appreciated automation experts of Elektrilevi share their expertise in Finland and Sweden


Automation experts of Elektrilevi have actively cooperated with their Finnish and Swedish colleagues since the end of the last year. Two 110 kV substations are being designed and set-up by the Estonians in Finland.

„Automation professionals of Elektrilevi are highly appreciated as proceeding from Estonia’s multifaceted history, also the engineers working in our network must be versatile,“ said Product Manager of Elektrilevi Sten Aan.

He explained that in the network of Elektrilevi there are devices of very different ages and manufacturers -those of the Soviet era as well as modern solutions of different manufacturers, electromechanical as well as digital automation devices.

„Sophisticated working environment has brought up highly appreciated international experts whose assistance is awaited in several countries all over the world,” added Aan.

In the beginning of the new year, a new milestone is waiting for automation experts of Elektrilevi, when building of two substations will start in Finland in cooperation with an affiliate of Vattenfall, one of the biggest power companies of Europe - Jussla 110 kV substation located near Helsinki, the client of which will be the German enterprise Hetzner offering data hosting services and Kansikkaantie 110/20 kV regional substation located near Lahti. The task of the Estonians will be designing and setting-up of automatics in both substations in full. The objects should be ready by autumn 2018.

„We have also investigated possibilities regarding other projects in Finland as well as in Sweden, but actually we have looked even further, to Asia and Africa,” said Aan. „We are ready to share the expert services of our automation professionals all over the world.”

Automation experts of the electricity network deal with secondary devices of substations, or elaboration, designing and setting up of automation projects. The task of automation devices is to secure uninterrupted and safe electricity connection any time, including during blackouts or breakdowns. Automatics disjoints malfunctioning part form the network and maintains thus, despite of the breakdown, the possibly big part of the network in working order.

Elektrilevi is the biggest distribution network operator of Estonia, administering 61 000 kilometres of power lines and 24 000 substations, bringing electricity to households nearly all over Estonia.

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