Meters to be reconfigured to show only the overall reading due to Elektrilevi offering lower nighttime rate on public holidays


If until now meters showed both the daytime and nighttime readings separately, then from March, meters will only show one reading: the overall reading.

Meters will continue to measure consumption on an hourly basis and the corresponding data will be used to calculate the consumed quantities according to the selected network package. This means that daytime and nighttime rates or the rates of the 4-tariff network package will be used.

As a result of the change, the period of applicability of the nighttime rate, i.e. the lower transmission fee, has been extended by one hour on weekdays and now applies from 22:00 to 7:00 throughout the year. Furthermore, in addition to weekends, the lower nighttime rate now also applies throughout the day on public holidays that fall on weekdays.

As of March, the daytime and nighttime readings displayed by meters are no longer accurate. The overall reading is now the only correct reading (even if your meter still shows the daytime and nighttime readings). The daytime and nighttime readings displayed by meters no longer reflect the actual daytime and nighttime consumption levels.

Meters will be reconfigured to show only the OVERALL reading automatically within one year.

Today, nearly all electricity meters are read remotely, which means customers generally do not need to report the readings.

Readings should only be reported if the remote reading function is not working for some reason.

For jointly purchased apartment buildings, we recommend dividing the sums proportionally based on the daytime and nighttime consumption levels shown on the invoice.

The identifier of the overall reading at the bottom of the display is 15.8.0.

Consumption details can be viewed in our self-service and on the issued invoice.